Abigail Campbell

Status: Probationary Member

Abigail Campbell is an artist who has worked across mediums, but her most current emphasis revolves around making interactive steel sculpture as a way to approach performance. Campbell graduated with a BFA in sculpture and a minor in art history from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. The locus of all her artistic motivations lies within the exploration of the relationships between the artist, the “work”, and the audience/collaborators. Campbell has been active in the Milwaukee community for several years: From doing sculptural noise at Gold in the Fridge, to helping Niki Johnson complete Hills & Valleys, fabricating for Nathaniel Stern, writing grants for UWM’s Sculpture Club, to scrubbing floors at  20 Ton Studios, Abby is down to labor over the lovely things that enrich the culture of this gorgeous city.


I’m interested in creating space for looseness, play, and discovery with an eye toward the impermanent nature of all things. Meaning is constructed, so let’s construct it together. We are all agents of free will, and it’s through shared experiences of play that we create the best frameworks for reality.