Keenan Lampe

Status: Resident Artist

Keenan spent much of his early life growing, learning and playing sports in southeastern Wisconsin. When he was mostly done with the growing and sports, Keenan doubled down on learning at UW-Madison where he studied sculpture, Spanish and Japanese, the latter two leading to a few extended ventures abroad. Now, Keenan works full time in the studio on space improvement, commissions and speculative projects. His current leisure activity of choice is Dungeons & Dragons with friends.



For me, art is a tool.

It is a means of approaching and calling to attention a wide variety of the unusual, difficult and complex problems plaguing our modern world.

It is a skill to be practiced and honed to a razor edge in order to more efficiently and effectively accomplish the task at hand: bringing about significant and positive change.

For this reason, I endeavor to achieve an elevated level of craftsmanship in the sculptural processes I have learned while also studying new methods of construction so that I am prepared to creatively respond to the aforementioned diverse range of questions in a deliberate and meaningful manner.

However, as serious as that all sounds, I tend to have fun in the studio because humor is a common theme in my work in terms of style or content. I enjoy wrapping the most serious of topics in cartoonish disguises. My intent is to seduce the viewer with a seemingly harmless exterior that invites interaction only to reveal sobering realities lurking beneath the jovial façade. I am aware that this approach to art puts me at risk of enjoying myself too much and falling into the realm of playful frivolity but, with experimentation, I hope to achieve an effective and consistent balance between simple amusement and unapproachable severity.